السبت، 9 أبريل 2011

Top Reasons to Buy a Garmin Car GPS

If you're a guy like me (or maybe a gal more into technology than your boyfriend/husband), you need some "reasons" why your wife should let you get a new Garmin GPS system for your car. Here are the top reasons I came up with:

1.Your wife will never have to beg you to ask for directions again. This one may seem obvious, but don't overlook it's potential to sway your wife. You're a guy... you hate asking for directions. She cannot understand this, and getting lost meant having the extra argument over whether you should, or need, to ask for directions. With a Garmin GPS system in your car, you won't get lost, so you don't have to ask. Problem solved.

2.You'll save money on gas. If you get there the right way, the first time, every time, then you'll drive less and save money on gas. You'll also save on wear and tear on your vehicle. Some of the Garmin GPS systems for your car will even tell you when there's traffic and how to avoid it, so the gas savings really add up fast!

3.She can play her MP3's while driving. Some of the Garmin GPS systems will play MP3's, audio books, etc. We all know that you'll really listen to the music you like anyways, but you don't have to tell her that until after she's agreed to let you buy one.

4.The Garmin GPS will help you find shopping and resturants. If she wants to find the closest... I dunno... shoe store, just punch it into the Garmin GPS and it will give you directions. Does she feel like eating Chinese food? Same thing. Maybe you can promise to let her pick any new resturant she wants when you get your new Garmin GPS. It might work.

Okay, so maybe these reasons are only partially serious, but with a charming smile and the promise you'll go with her to that shoe store, you just might get your wife to agree to let you have a Garmin GPS for your car. After all, they really do help you avoid getting lost, which makes both of your travel faster and safer. She can't really argue against that, can she?

When she does agree to let you buy one, head over to Discount Garmin GPS to get a great deal on a new or used system. Trust me, she'll love it!

(P.S. If you have other reasons why your wife should let you buy a Garmin GPS for your car, please leave a comment below.)

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